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Cereal Vape Anyone? Just missing the Spoon and Bowl. 

Welcome cereal fans. Are you that person that can eat cereal for like every meal? Tasting cereal in your sleep? Maybe you feel lucky and charmed! My point is vaping cereal flavors is totally worth it when it tastes great and is cheap! 

Cereal all day is ok! 

This is a FREE pass to enjoy the taste of cereal vape all day! Vape Juice that taste like cereal is yummy. Do you remember setting in front of the t.v eating cereal while watching cartoons? Or did you take the little bag of cereal without milk to snack on during lunch? Now you eliminate all of the mess included! You simply get the cheap e juice that tastes like cereal, place it in your mod and bam it's that scrumptious snack taste of cereal that you love.