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Creamy, Milky, Smooth Vape Flavors 

This category definitely works best for those who love the milky flavor tones. For example, whip cream, cheesecake, coffees that are creamed up, cookies and cream, and many other creamy flavor tones are offered here. If you prefer a solely creamy taste for your vape juice then try these awesome flavors. We blend your juice as the orders come in so flavors obtain a quality freshness and will truly give you the creamy flavor tone that you are looking for. 

5 Reasons To Vape Creamy 

  1. Creamy Vape Flavors can help those who are lactose intolerant but still enjoy the flavors tones that are creamy. For example ice-cream, cereal with milk flavors, or coffees with the cream!
  2. Also, a funny one but so true, if you are looking to cut back on calories that are coming from creamy cakes, cheesecakes, or other sorts that are almost too good to resist, then you should def look into supplementing the calories with just the flavor. 
  3. Ok funny number two, this type of cheap vape juice can help you with slacking on the number of cups of coffee w/ cream that you have. 
  4. You just want creamy flavors that do not require eating all day.
  5. You are looking to get away from smoking tobacco, so you choose a flavor that satisfies you and reduces the cravings, a lot of the times that is a creamy flavor.