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Original Vape Flavors from Dirt Cheap Ejuice 

We are offering you the best cheap ejuice original creations. With flavors that are unmatched with premium taste and also cheap in price. These flavors are some of the first ever created masterpieces. We hope you enjoy these highly rated cheap vape juice originals.

What to expect with an Original Vape Juice 

To be honest the only real expectation to have is to be rocked with an awesome flavor blend. The vape juice recipes have a lot of thought and consideration behind them. Many of the flavors that we try to represent are what we call "REAL Flavors", and that means a flavor you would enjoy on a regular basis. Like a bowl of all your favorites melons blended together to give you a melon blast! Or a Snozberry Vape Juice which is a blend of all your favorite berries. It is a makeup of the perfect blend of everyone's favorite fruits, Fresh blackberries, ripe strawberries, and juicy raspberries. Everyone who tries snozberry absolutely loves the flavor profile. It has a huge amount of ratings.