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Tobacco Vape Juice 

We are a company that genuinely started for the well being of people who smoke cigarettes, so we decided to create this category of tobacco vape juice. We are here to provide a genuine nicotine alternative because really it's the nicotine that gets you. But with that nicotine in cigarettes, you get a whole bunch of chemicals that you really did not sign up for. So here is a category truly dedicated to only tobacco smokers. We did our very best to mimic the flavors that you have grown accustomed to. Also 4 ingredients and a flavor...hmm you tell me which seems safer?

Tobacco Vape Juice vs Tobacco 

The truth about the difference between these two is huge! There are countless studies and press releases about the chemicals that are inside of a cigarette. It almost seems like we are being poisoned on purpose. What do I mean? Cigarettes are killing you and not because you like them and have a right to smoke. They are killing you because of the chemicals that they are putting inside of the product. It seems a little unfair that you sign up for something that is presented as soothing, then suddenly you find out this is in your cigarette. 

Nicotine: Is a colorless and poisonous alkaloid that is derived from the tobacco plant. It is most often used as a pesticide. It is a powerful drug that quickly affects the brain and becomes highly addictive.

Tar: Sticky Substance that builds in the lungs and can cause cancer.

Carbon Monoxide: An odorless and colorless gas that is released from burning tobacco. When it is inhaled, it enters the bloodstream and interferes with the working heart and blood vessels.

Arsenic: Ingredient inside of rat poisoning

Acetone: Nail Polish chemical

Toluene: Toxic Chemical: Rubbers, oils, resins, adhesives inks, and detergents.

Pesticides: That poison used to kill bugs, yeah that is in a cigarette too. 

Methylamine: Chemicals found inside of tanning lotion. 

Polonium: Radioactive Element that is used for atomic heat sourcing. 

Methanol: Aviation Fuel

Tobacco Vape Juice/Cheap e juice Contains:

Water: This is a common vape liquid ingredient.

Vegetable Glycerin: A preservative, sweetener, and thickening agent. The FDA says it is considered safe. It is made oils such as palm oil, coconut oil, or soybean. It is often found in canned goods, cream, processed fruit, and jams.

Propylene Glycol: This substance can be used instead of vegetable glycerin or in conjunction with. It is tasteless, odorless, colorless alcohol solvent. It produces less vapor but is a fantastic flavor enhancer.

Flavoring: There are hundreds of flavorings that can be used to make tasty ejuices. These flavors can be fruity, dessert flavors, beverage flavors, and so on. Our flavoring at Dirt Cheap Ejuice is 100% food-grade safe. Make sure you purchase only food-grade safe flavoring.

Nicotine: The neat part about vape juice nicotine is you have options. This way you can wing yourself off of being addicted. Nicotine is the only toxic substance included in vaping and the best part is you can have your e-liquid made without it! We offer: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg.